Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekly Challenge #215: "Labyrinth"

This week the Diva writes:

"I've been taking a year long course on Mandalas with the amazing Scottish beauty Julie Gibbons, this is my third year exploring the Great Round of Mandala with her. And it just so happens that Stage Three (which corresponds with the month of March) involves labyrinths. I've been thinking about tangling a labyrinth ever since.
I had wondered how well a labyrinth would translate into a Zentangle challenge, and then in my online travels i found a website which said:

A labyrinth is not a maze. Mazes are puzzles, designed to vex the mind, but labyrinths are contemplative designs, designed to focus the mind.

and i thought, that sounds much like tangling to me! So i gave it a go. ".

So I started by drawing a labyrinth following the instructions on the web page :

The labyrinth is still visible in the center of the tile. Do you see it?But then I let my pencil follow my imagination and the theme of labyrinth has been somewhat forgotten.


  1. Haha, a cool monkey, that's what first came to my mind as well ;-) Nice choice of patterns to go with your labyrinth!

  2. And, I also see a monkey! I like this striking tile.

  3. Eine sehr, sehr schöne Fliese.
    Ein sehr schönes Affenköpfchen mit einem gut verstecktem Labyrinth.
    Einfach wundervoll.

  4. OH, Christine this is a fabulous ape labyrinth! How fun...your work and tangle choice are fabulously rendered. Very very nice work!

  5. I love this! It's just plain fun to let your pen take over, but yes I see your labyrinth and like the others, I am seeing a monkey in it too. Just all kinds of fun. Great work!

    1. Thanks you very mush for your kind comment!

  6. Funny--it looks like a monkey in a hat to me :) Great tile!

  7. I can see the monkey but not the Hat! I'll look at this drawing again. Thank you


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