Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Challenge #218: "White on Black on Found"

This week's challenge is an option.

The challenge is to do a white on black tile or zentangle inspired piece of art - using a white pen on black paper. 

So, there's also the option of creating a tangled piece on a found object instead or in addition to white on black.

the last weekend was longer for Canadians. Also the Diva wrote on its website that the challenge would begin later on Tuesday instead of Monday. But i was wrong and and I thought that the challenge would begin on Thursday night I was surprised seeing as many drawings already published by other challengers.
I decided to present without waiting a tile  recently drawn and make another later.

Here is the tile i drew today.

Thank you for your comment.


  1. Christine...your tiles are so clean and crisp. Also you have chosen such fun tangles to do and such a variety as well. Very effective tile work!

  2. Both are beautiful and clear! Wonderful contrast and great choice of tangles!

  3. This comment is late, I know, but I just barely saw your White on Black tiles. They are both wonderful. You get such precise lines, and such solid saturation. That isn't easy with a gelly roller. But I must say, that second tile is absolutely wonderful. It is so active and energetic. It looks like some kind of alien sea creature, dancing across the water. It's kooky and fun to look at and delightful!


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