Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekly Challenge #264: "String Theory: String into Spring"

This week's challenge on Diva's blog is to create a Spring-like string.
At first I thought, 'spring' as season, but it was 'spring' that makes 'Boooiiiing!

Cette semaine le challenge sur le Blog de la Diva était de créer un fil directeur (string) 'Spring-like'.
Au début je pensais, 'spring', la saison , mais il s'agissait de 'spring' un ressort, le ressort qui fait 'Booooiiing!
Je ne connaissais pas cette autre signification du mot 'spring' en anglais.

Here is my string.

Thank you for your comments.


  1. Love that you made your "string" like a ribbon! Both tiles are beautifully drawn and shaded, and I 'specially like that you did two, showing two very different effects by leaving one ribbon plain and open, and tangling the other…. great idea!

  2. Vraiment un joli résultat, les deux, mais mon favorite est la deuxième, j'aime surtout la manière que vous avez rempli votre "string".

  3. I like the double string and the fact that both tiles look different. Nice.

  4. Beautiful tile. I love the double string as well. It really worked for your composition!

  5. I love this tile, I like the double string too. I made a spring (season) tile.

  6. Both are beautiful with the double string! Great idea!

  7. I really love the graphic quality of these. Bold and beautiful;-)

  8. Wonderful job on both! The word spring also means boing-boing in English, too, so perfectly apt interpretation. Les desseins sont formidables!


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