Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weekly Challenge #315: "Tangle Study = Molygon"

This week on Diva's website it's proposed to study The tangle "Molygon". It's an official tangle. You can see the steps out illustrated by Maria THOMAS here.

I'm agree with Laura it's a very interesting pattern. I colored it in black to bring out the white areas in negatives.

Then i wanted to add shadows to bring a 3D effect but I find that on this tile the magic of the shade does not work.

Thank you for your comments ! Have a good weekend !


  1. I agree, your Molygon tile is better off without shading. I think the all those different Molygon shapes have their own dynamic effect. You have filled in your tile from corner to corner, bottom to top, perfectly.

  2. Oh wow. Very mid century. I love the plain black on white. It looks like it should be in the MOMA.


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