Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Challenge #207

On the first Monday of each month the DIVA choose a tangle created by one of us. this month's tangle is brought to us by Sandy Hunter, a fellow CZT. It 's UNBATZ.
You can see the step outs for Unbatz on Sandy's blog here.

I used Unbatz as a string and smaller as pattern. This is the result . I find my drawing too overloaded. 

you can visit my gallery on FLICKR by a click here.


  1. I really do like your tile. Perfectly done.

  2. I like this tile and the strong contrast that it has.

  3. WOW! this really is a wonderful piece, I like how the unbatz "flower" or figure eight is repeated in your overall design of the tile. Very cool!

  4. Ah, here it is :-) A lovely tile, looks like lace.

  5. Beautiful tile! Great choice of tangles and wonderful contrast! I like it!


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