Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekly Challenge #295: "Reticula/Fragment part 2"

This week the challenge is again about Reticula and fragments. As another step we have to choose a design that is asymmetrical. Then if we alternate our design inside the grid we have drawn, we will create another more complex pattern! 

That is my grid this week. It is the design made by the tiles in my kitchen: 

This grid needs two fragments one having the shape of a double-pointed arrow the other the shape of a square.

For my first drawing i use  this  fragment:                

That is the intermediate step:

The square fragment :

and the final tile :

I tried another combination of fragments :

Intermediate step

Square fragment  (D4 in the Primer book)

Final Tile

My favorite tile is the second ! and you?
As i wrote  past week, i bought the book of Rick and Maria "Zentangle PRIMER vol 1" and i received it saturday by mail. i'm very happy, it's very interesting for me. I have already learned a lot of new knowledge that I think, will make me progress.

Thank you very much for your comment. Have a good week end !


  1. Wow, these are amazing (and inspiring).

  2. These are fantastic! I especially love the effect of the double ended arrows fragment. It really enhances whatever you place in the square. Thank you so much for sharing your grid. I love it!

    1. Thank you for this kindly comment that encourages me a lot!

  3. Thank for your comments that encourage me

  4. Your tiles are truly fantastic! I love how you've designed your grid! The overall effect of the finished tiles are amazing! Love them! :)

  5. All are well done, but I agree that the second one is quite striking!

  6. Both tiles are amazing. Choosing such a creative reticula truly inspired your choice of wonderful fragments.

  7. Wow, I LOVE this, especially the first one.

  8. Wow ... both are beautiful!! I can´t decide for a favorite!


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